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It is not so difficult to become an owner of a car as it once was. It is due to a wide network of car dealerships and banking institutions and a variety of loan products to finance a purchase. There are many factors, which affect the terms of issuing you a loan, and the availability of a driver's license and driving experience are among the others. Read more about main types of car loans yo may choose from to purchase a car you dreamed of. That is why, experts from Mississauga recommend to obtain a driver's license first, gain some driving skills in real life conditions, but not in a driving school and therefore, learn the rules of the road before applying for a loan.

Let us talk about rules of the road in Canada and their features.
Canadian rules of the road are significantly different from the European, and close to the rules of the road in the United States. If to talk about some general rules - then there is no a uniform set in force in this country, as well as its southern neighbor, each province and territory has its specific rules.

Rules in Canada, rely on text, but not on graphic road signs exactly like in the US. Therefore, if you intend to travel to this country, it is highly desirable to somehow understand English. However, if you plan to stop in Quebec, the knowledge of English will not help - there may appear the signs only in French. Metric system is adopted in Canada, so all the distances are indicated in kilometers, and a speed, respectively, in kilometers per hour. Be careful if you come here by car rented in the US - remember that the speed on the speedometer will be shown in miles per hour.

Violations of the road rules in Canada are strictly penalized. You can get traffic tickets with demerit points for speeding, incorrect parking, drunk driving and violation of the rules associated with school buses. Mississauga experts emphasize that drunk driving is considers a serious offense, so never try to drive after having an alcohol drink.

Rosalie Schmidt for http://www.trafficticketlinks.com/ about drunk driving in Mississauga, penalties and fines.

Read how to obtain driver's license in Canada.

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